Giovanni di Paolo da Grazia, PARADISO, 15th C. Sienese
Lost in the Adirondacks
Landsberg/Lech, total eclipsse 11:30, August 11, 1999
Nazi 1945 death march memorial by Hans Skudlik, Landsberg/Lech
Alan Turing, decoder of the Nazi Enigma machine
Remagen, summer 2011
Diane Dickey, on the Amazon, and with her catch
Spanish-American War monument, Key West
Bob and Jana Kiely
The Last Apple
old Champlain Bridge, Crown Point NY
Key West
Novak Djokovic
Susan Kristol March 2011
Venice summer 2008
Venice, north side of San Marco, August 2008
John Brown homestead, Lake Placid NY
Saranac River oxbow below Kent Falls
Pete Sampras
Graz, chatting with one of my Groupies
Memories of Norma Farber
Sarana RIver above Kent Falls Bridge
Florence: San Miniato al Monte begun 1014
Villa Rotunda, Vicenza 2008, Palladio's 500th
Busch Hall at Harvard, Thursday noon recital 1970s
Florence, where Savonarola was burned at the stake
Troop 39 Plattsburgh, Camp Bedford summer 1955
Dmitry Salita
Fiesole near Florence - Roman theatre
Monterrat Torrent - Salamanca summer 1986
Madrid, summer 1986
Atop the RCA Building, November 2005
St. Apollonaire en Classe, Sept. 1 1985 - my 43rd
Landscape - Cambridge mid-70s
Key West High School - conch shell built by students
Harvard GSD 75-76, design for outdoor shops
"Brookside" Orwell VT
Pasolini's country estate, mid-80s
Kent Falls Bridge, Cadyville NY
ISLE OF INIQUITY, first reading - Key West 3/30/09
Plattsburgh City Hall 1918 John Russell Pope
Vicenza summer 2008
Politicians We Have Known
absolutely oxymoronic
schoolhouse Clinton County NY
still life al fresco
Stravinsky Berlin 1920s
Vicenza 2008
Various photos, drawings, and images collected over the years, additions and deletions whenever.