Written Appreciations from Sponsors and Audience Members
"The program, which attracted an unusually large number of students, faculty, and
area musicians, was beautifully played and showed off the large tracker action
Casavant organ in our chapel more imaginatively and colorfully than any other
performance in recent memory. James Johnson’s fluid technique, excellent
musicianship, and sensitive understanding of the art of registration all contributed to
a memorable evening of music enjoyed by all in attendance. Indeed, the standing
ovation Mr. Johnson received at the conclusion of his recital was a clear indication
of the pleasure he gave his audience." 
                          - Ralph Valentine, Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford CT

"The performance was superb. I have rarely heard such splendid playing."
                          - Hal Tompkins, Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains, Cincinnati OH

"James Johnson played a marvelous recital to an enthusiastic audience. It was a
brilliant program on all counts, one of the very best we have had at Emmanuel
Church. The CDs are marvelous and I have been listening to them endlessly."
                          - Gary E. Clarke, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Chestertown MD

"To say we were impressed is an understatement. I have attended more than thirty
recitals at St. Paul’s (Episcopal Cathedral) over the years, and this was without
doubt the finest I have heard. His playing was articulate and his registrations were
superb. I heard colors form that organ I had never heard before. My wife, who does
not enjoy organ playing and goes to recitals under protest, thoroughly enjoyed this
one. She liked the interesting program offerings, the varied registrations, and the
fact (as she put it) that he did not try to blast her out of the building. She thought he
showed tremendous power in several selections as well as a delicacy in others."
                            - Tony Avendano, AGO Chapter Dean, San Diego CA

"Your music was glorious! I have a canary named Enrico who has a quiet little song
with many trills. As I listened to you play, your hands seemed to move quickly and
effortlessly, as naturally as Enrico’s song. I wish my applause matched how much I
enjoyed your many pieces —- from the oboe’s echo in the Kleines Hoboeconcert
(Knecht) to the disturbing quietness of Clair de lune (Vierne). Thank you for a
terrific Sunday afternoon."
                            - Dianne Morrison, audience member, Potsdam NY

"Again we thank you for coming to our small community to render such a
beautiful concert."
                             - Ruth Conchey, organizing committee, Essex NY

"....a stunning recital: the program was very well planned to exhibit the eclectic
capabilities of the new Casavant. ...the Franck was elegantly played with great
attention to line in every voice. The Bach-Vivaldi Concerto in d was electrifying,
energetic. In Vierne’s Symphony II, James Johnson executed fiendish passages with
ease, and every movement conveyed great conviction. A virtuoso performer, he
possesses mastery of style at the highest levels."
                             - James Boschker, Bismarck ND

"Thank you so much for a wonderful concert. Those who came were blessed.
We loved the program and hope you can come again."
                             - Teri Rappe, AGO Chapter Dean, Wenatchee WA

"Remembering many times James Johnson’s concert, we feel very privileged to
have had him here. He is truly an artist. I was impressed not only by his technique,
but also his masterful registration and his interpretation of the literature. It was
wonderful to have an organist of his calibre use our Frobenius organ. "
                            - Caroline Reddick, First United Methodist Church, Lake Wales FL

"There have been many positive and complimentary comments about your
recital. It was a pleasure to have you here."
                            - Gwen Blanchard, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware OH

"I wanted to tell you what a positive impact your recital had on our church music
program. The extremely high level of your playing and interpretations brought back
an excitement about our Rieger organ and organ music in general that I am told
hadn’t been present since the instrument was installed."
                             - Scott Ward, First Unitarian Church, Wilmington DE

"Thanks for giving us a stunning —- and meticulously prepared —- recital.”
                             - John Schaefer, Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City MO

" The Concert Series was opened by James Johnson with an audience of
approximately 600 people in attendance. His performance was outstanding in all
areas —- choice of repertoire, choice of registration, and his totally musical
execution —- all attested to by the sustained applause that greeted his concluding
work. We were all delighted with his work at both instruments —- most organists
hesitate to deal with two consoles of completely different construction."
                        -Robert Schaffer AAGO, Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington KY

"Thank you again for the brilliant recital (on the Flentrop organ) at Lutheran
Seminary. The Columbia AGO was very proud to sponsor your performance.
It was a pleasure to have you as our guest. "
                         - Nina Rodman, AGO Chapter Dean, Columbia SC

"...a superb concert,...... brilliantly played and extremely well received. We are still
receiving laudatory comments from our chapter members and other attendees. It is
our hope that we can have Dr. Johnson return in the future for other programs."
                        - Richard Webb, AGO Chapter Dean, Baton Rouge LA

"James Johnson presented a classy and exhilarating evening of music to help us
celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Flentrop at St. Anne’s, Atlanta."
                        - William Weaver, Organist-Choirmaster Emeritus, Altanta GA

"Je suis d’accord, absolument!"
                        - Mlle. Anna Madgalena Bach-Dawg, La Chienne Domestique Officialle

"Thank you for sharing your marvelous gift of music. Your creative use of the
many colors in our organ and the very different program were received very well."
                        - Jermoe Malek, Minister of Music, Manor Baptist Church, San Antonio TX

"I enjoyed yesterday’s recital so very very much. Johnson’s registrations were
great and exciting and brought out the splendid variety of stops the (Moller) organ.
The Key West Calypso was an absolute delight, and his rendition of the Gigout
(Grand Chouer Dialogue) was one of the best I’ve heard,...the whole program was
simply marvelous."
         - Bob Rhynsburger, audience member, National City Christian Church, Washington DC

"Your program selections were excellent,
and I do not recall hearing the organ so well played ever."
                       - Henry Karl Baker, Director of The Organ Literature Foundation, Boston MA

“I wish to thank you for that beautiful concert in the Stavanger Cathedral.
I guess we’ve never heard Bach’s Passacaglia better played."
                        - Ove Johann Ostebo, audience member, Stavanger Norway

"Thank you for your excellent music-making here at Woodberry. I really enjoyed
the concert—-the performance, programming etc. So many of my students have
now become more interested in the organ."
                       - Don Kruger, faculty sponsor, Woodberry Forest School, Virginia

"Thanks again for the glorious recital. Tom Rodda says the organ’s never been
played better. Your program was inventive, the playing lively, interpretation
evocative of those deeply held feelings we have for the organ as instrument,
music as a passion."
                      - Marilyn Barry, Dean of the Anchorage Alaska AGO Chapter

"We have regretted many times that we didn’t properly express our delight
and appreciation of the concert you gave at Vassar College. It was the greatest
and best organ concert we have ever heard. If you give a concert again in our
area we will be there. We love you and your artistry."
                     - Byron and Edith Scott, Salisbury CT

"We greatly enjoyed your concert. There are few pleasures comparable to
having your eight year old daughter turn to you in the middle of a Bach fugue
and say: I like this music!"
                     - Thurston Clarke, noted author, and his wife Antonia Bullard, Willsboro NY